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HR 6147 Ensuring Proper Application of the Endangered Species Act (Roll Call 350)

This bill guarantees this problematic law is at least implemented correctly. Lamborn (R-CO, ACUF Lifetime 96.6%) amendment to a multi-agency appropriations bill helps ensure the proper application of the Endangered Species Act (ESA) by prohibiting the use of funds to enforce the provisions under the ESA for any species of plant or wildlife that has not undergone a five-year review of its protected status, as is required under the act. The amendment is intended to ensure that enforcement and taxpayer resources support only the protection of species truly endangered. The ACU Foundation's Center for 21st Property Rights is a leading voice on this issue and others that deprive Americans of their Fifth Amendment rights. ACU opposes using the ESA as a means for seizing private land rights and supports close oversight and a significant reduction in the scope of the ESA, which has reduced development and infringed on the property rights of millions of Americans, and supported this bill. The House passed the amendment on July 18, 2018 by a vote of 213-201.

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