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HR 6147 Preventing Overregulation by the FDA in the "Milk" Industry (Roll Call 177)

The Lee (R-UT, ACUF Lifetime 99.5%) amendment to a multi-agency appropriations bill prevents the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) from inappropriately interfering in the marketplace. Specifically, the amendment prohibits the FDA from enforcing a rule that prevents producers of plant-based products (such as almond milk) from using the word "milk" in its branding (e.g., "almond milk"). The FDA claims its rule is necessary to protect consumers from confusion, but consumers are not confused about whether almond milk comes from a cow. Instead, the FDA's action is an example of government favoring certain companies over others. ACU supports a free and competitive marketplace and opposes unnecessary interference designed to restrict competition and supported this amendment. The Senate defeated the amendment on August 1, 2018 by a vote of 14-84.

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