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SJ Res. 52 Re-Imposing "Net Neutrality" Regulations on the Internet (Roll Call 97)

This Democrat-led resolution invokes the Congressional Review Act to re-impose Obama-era "net neutrality" regulations on the internet. These regulations, which were overturned by Chairman Ajit Pai and the Federal Communications Commission, are price controls that prohibit ISPs from charging different rates for faster service or blocking websites. ACU supports an internet free of government interference, which has allowed it to thrive since its conception, and opposes heavy-handed government regulations, such as net neutrality, which have favored some companies while placing over 1,000 small ISPs at a competitive disadvantage, and opposed this resolution. The Senate passed the resolution on May 16, 2018 by a vote of 52-47. (A "No" vote supported the ACU position.) This vote was double-weighted due to the fact it would allow government to retake control of the internet, a remarkable driver of innovation and free speech.

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